Communication Systems Exam ’12-’13

Today I had my first exam at PoliTO. When I first came to Torino in September there were also exams going on and they seemed to be pretty organised. People were called by their name to be able to enter the room, they told us you needed to use the terminals in the hallways to print some kind of “entry ticket” which you had to show as your name was called.

Fast forward to today, we could just enter the room where we had exam, everyone was just talking until the professor arrived. People just had to sit at both ends of a row and one in the middle, didn’t matter if your coat and backpack were next to you. Nothing was said about having your wallet or a cellphone in your pocket but to be sure I turned it off and put it away.

The professor came around during the exam, writing down your name on a paper to ‘register’ your attendance. That’s about all the formalities there were today, no papers or name calling at all!

For those who want to know which questions we got on the first exam day of Communication Systems, feel free to download the list of all possible questions: List of questions 2012 2013

The ones asked on the exam were questions 2, 5, 7, 14, 18 and 21.