Dear acoustic guitar,

No I haven’t forgotten you. Even though your string are covered with aluminium oxide and you’re somewhat out of tune I still enjoy playing melodies with you. But playing piano is more appealing to me at the moment.

Ever since I’ve borrowed my brother’s keyboard I’ve been learning some tunes and songs to play on piano. To be honest I kinda prefer it to my guitar at the moment. Following some Learn & Master Piano lessens and playing melodies from the book that came with the keyboard.

The fun part is that I’ve learnt a lot of music theory things as well, I’m loving the fact I can play (simple) pieces on any musical instrument I get my hands on after one or two minutes. Songs are starting to make a lot more sense, what seemed once incredibly difficult is now something  I can replicate with some practice.

The learning process takes a lot of time, I get that, the mistake I made while learning to play guitar was rushing the easier pieces and trying to play pop songs immediately. I’m trying to learn playing the piano ‘the right way’ now, which has been pretty rewarding.

Once I’m done with the L&M Piano I’ll probably start over with the L&M Guitar lessons and give each instrument a fair share of my time.

… you’ll get your set of new strings soon, don’t worry :)