Group T goes China

Every year the third bachelor year’s students go on a trip to China for a little over two weeks. This year it’s time for me to visit this culture-rich country!

I’m about finished packing, having a case that holds about 12kg of stuff isn’t that ideal but manageable nonetheless. As tradition requires students tend to post ‘diary entries’ on their adventures in Asia. I will probably chop this up into four pieces, corresponding to the four big cities we’ll be visiting, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and Xi’an. At least if the Great Chinese Firewall and the local internet connection allows it.

As said firewall blocks Facebook, Google and probably Twitter as well it might be quite a relieve to be ‘disconnected’ from the hivemind that is Reddit the Internet for a while.

Liftoff is still about a day and a half away and you can feel the tension rise on the Group T campus. All day long you hear people discussing what they should take with them, if they would forget things, …

That’s about it for now, next status update will be routed to you with extra spicy Chinese databits telling you the exciting story of the 12 hour flight from Frankfurt to Shangai amonst other things such as people not getting off at a metro station in time ;-)