Guitar Madness

I played some guitar today, what’s the big deal? I played guitar ALONG with my brother playing his keyboard piano thing. It was cool, I now understand why there’s so many people trying to be good enough to play in a band because it’s just a lot more fun than playing solo.

Talking about soloing and crazy guitar play, I’ve come to the conclusion today I listen way too much to John Mayer. But when you see his “Live in LA” performance you can’t deny he’s one superb guitarist. His music is one of the kind I can listen to all day with repeat on and still not get tired of it. When listening, definitely have a good listen to the lyrics as well as most of the songs have great texts.

A mental note has been made for November 17, when the new album “Battle Studies” is released, let’s hope it’ll be as good as the other albums. As good as JM is at playing guitar, I’ve still got a long way to go to even be able to play any of his music at a decent speed on my guitar (and the fact I’ve got an acoustic one >_>) but the day I can play “Slow dancing in a burning room” is a day my skills will have reached a new level ^^. In case you’re curious: