, what I think about it

This morning had a couple of Membership Appreciation Redemptions. I bought one ticket for a wave so I would be somewhat sure to either get myself a Wii or PSP for free. It turns out I spent 100 ptz for nothing as their site couldn’t handle the generated traffic. All of the decent prizes were gone before the pages would load decently for me.

Too bad, I’m probably not going to spend any more points on those ‘private’ redemptions since there’s just too many people online at the same time and chances of getting anything is actually more slim than the public redemptions. If you got something in any of the 3 waves, congratulations.

While I was waiting for the redemption to start I had Twitter open with a search on ‘Lockerz’ to see what other people were saying, it’s funny how there’s a bunch of people who are just utterly stupid. They scold at Lockerz and whine about not being able to get anything. I don’t get them, what did they expect? If there are thousands of people waiting to grab free stuff you just have to be real lucky to get something. Each wave Lockerz has maybe 10-30 items of each prize, so do the math and you’ll see chances of getting something in a redemption where the exact date and hour are given are very very low.

A few friends of mine and myself do wonder how Lockerz manages to pay for all those things, there’s no advertisements on the site and you don’t have to pay anything. I’m pretty sure they’ve already given away prizes worth more than thousands of dollars in total. Let’s see what the public redemption brings.

Update: Apparently Lockerz had a lot of bots trying to get stuff in the third wave. They’ve refunded everyone who participated in the third wave but didn’t get any prize. Maybe I will do another member redemption afterall..