Microsoft, stop being stupid

What do I read now? “Microsoft to force MSN Messengers users to upgrade to Windows Live Messenger 2009”. Why?! First of all, WLM2009 sucks in comparison to WLM8.5, the layout sucks, the mem usage sucks, I could go on forever.

It’s already annoying enough to have to say no to the upgrade, every week I get some annoying dialog box with “New version available” and only options are download now or remind me in a week… Why a week? Hell, why no remind me in a thousand years or just don’t remind me anymore? What’s with Microsoft and forcing people to upgrade stuff, and annoy people who could care less of upgrading?

The same has happened to Windows XP users, you want DirectX 10 (and Halo 2)? Go buy Vista (or Windows 7 soon). I don’t get it, all these measures to force people to buy new Microsoft products or upgrade existing and perfectly working software. Haven’t they learned that the more you force people to do something, the more resistance you’ll get? If I’m forced to upgrade the messenger I am sure to be looking for a crack so I can continue using 8.5 instead of version 14.

Another Microfail thing is their browser comparison, just take a look at it, it’s completely subjective. They make IE8 look like it’s the God of webbrowsers. Firefox and Chrome are just puny little browsers with crap compatibility and ease of use. Wrong, MS, wrong! They’ve just slapped the whole opensource community in the face by publicizing that page. Way to get people against you MS, congratulations!