Publicity Fail

Annelore Sempels… candidate of Miss Vlaams-Brabant. Remember the police guy Fernand Koekelberg who forced Humo to remove their magazine because there was a -in Koekelberg’s opinion- offensive photo printed in the Humo. The result was exactly the opposite of what Koekelberg wanted to achieve, instead of having only the humo readers who take a look at “Gat van de wereld” see him in the photoshopped photo now the entire country went to buy Humo because they wanted to see the controversial image.

Moral of the story: Don’t complain about something futile like that, the attention will only have the opposite result of what you want.

Miss Sempels appears to have lived under a rock the past couple of months because she’s did the same just a few days ago. The result? Instead of just a handful of people seeing her controversial “sexy” photos half of Flanders will go buy TV-blad to check it out.

Boohoo, not even that interesting… In my opinion she isn’t even pretty. But oh well, let’s hope other people will get the point and stop being stupid about this. In the end, the people always win, you can always find the photos on the internet and good luck to the persons that don’t want them to be there because once something’s on the internet, it will never leave it…ever.