Quick and EZ money with IMReportCard

As a long time member of bux.to (I signed up somewhere at the end of 2007 or so) and having a cashout pending for over a year now I was really losing faith in all those sites that promise you easy money for doing little to nothing. Then someone on the vbGore forum posted a thread about IMReportcard, a fairly new site that pays people to write comments on reviews made by their editors. I’ve signed up 3 days ago and already reached the $20 cashout minimum today. So I cashed out a few hours ago and the payment arrived just a few minutes ago. That’ s what I call impressive!

Here’s some payment proof (click to enlarge):

Payment Proof Payment Proof 2

That’s some cool stuff, I’m gonna use that site more ;) if you like to give it a shot, why don’t you sign up with my referral link?

If you’ve got any questions about this site, just post in the comments and I’ll get back to you.