Thoughts of the day

So, exams are closing in and I think I should do OK this time. I’m kinda getting sick of studying all day long… I gave up an hour ago or so and started gathering the script and events of Earthbound for the port to our SVO game engine. Still got a looooong way to go but it’s a start.

What’s up with Facebook group invites by the way? I invited some people to the “Ram Sabam” group and got this message “The following people won’t get your invitation straight away, but they will soon.” What is soon in their opinion? Weird, I tell you! Anyways, do join the group and sign their petition, Sabam is somewhat like BREIN in Holland and the RIAA in the US.

I really need to get new guitar strings, I haven’t played guitar in almost a week :( that’s something for Thursday after the exam.

You know what I found out recently, with the neighbors a bit down the street? They’ve got a baby who’s about 10 months old or so and man, whenever I see her I can’t stop smiling o.o this usually happens all the time when I see a baby. It’s weird to see how they influence me so much, guess their joy of being a baby and being careless transfers a bit to me. Whenever I’m around a kid I’m in a happy mood :)

But enough ranting, I’ma go watch another episode of “The Universe”.