When the president says you’re a jackass..

After reading about it on the internet and newspaper I watched the video of Kanye acting like a complete jerk when Taylor Swift got her award. I’m sure everyone watching was thinking “what an ass…” and that’s perfectly acceptable. But it’s something special when the president of the United States says it don’t you think? Okay, it was off the record and they kinda secretly recorded it but still, pretty cool how Obama’s personal opinion reached the world even if he didn’t intent to have it like this.

Some might say this will damage his reputation, I disagree, it’s things like this that show the man is just a human like every one of us. A guy with an opinion, nothing wrong about it.

Kayne on the other hand will as of now forever remain an internet meme, and he damn well deserves it for his behavior, I hope this will warn others that think they can just disturb someone else’ dream of getting one of those MTV awards. Here’s some of the evidence:

Obama calling Kayne a jackass
Kayne acting like a jackass (0:45)
Kayne turned into a meme