Sep 11

Nokia 3500 Classic Review

I bought myself a Nokia 3500 Classic back in September 2008 as the battery life of my 5140i was at the point that it didn’t live for more than a day, maybe two. I was looking for something similar, sturdy, not too expensive and has some features I tend to use (5140i does not have bluetooth and infrared is just plain annoying to transfer files with).

After looking through the Nokia site (I never had another brand and up until now I’ve been satisfied with all my previous cellphones) I didn’t find anything I really liked. In the end I stumbled upon the 3500 Classic, it looked good, was (somewhat) pricey back then for the features it had but it was going to be the best deal I could get (I’m not into the whole smartphone thing, if I can call and send text messages with it, it’s good).

Now, about a year later and a year working with this phone I wouldn’t recommend myself buying it, sure it works well, the battery life is good (5 days +) and recharging is extremely fast but there are some things that annoy me. First of all, the music player and the microSD slot, why (in this digital revolution) did they think having the slot behind the battery is a good option? Now, luckily I’m not the guy that listens music with his cellphone so I don’t switch SD cards (at all actually), 1gb seems enough for me (no HC support). The card holder and pins are fragile,  I’m pretty sure I bended them a little while inserting my microSD card for the first time as whenever I accidentally drop my phone (which rarely happens) even if it’s only from a height around a foot or something it happens that contact with the card is lost and whenever you try to run the music player it just completely freezes your phone, the only way to “fix it” is to turn off your cell, remove the battery, mess a bit with the sd card and boot the phone again hoping it’ll work again. Continue reading