The Last Chapter

Being back for almost a week now and I figured I should post a closing blog thing here.

A last look at the exams perhaps: I passed all my four exams (20, 22, 28 and 30 on 30), now I still need to get the “Transcript of Records” with those grades so I can officially present them to Group T. Mailing the incoming office of PoliTO asking for it is all you have to do… if all your professors have registered your grades already, which one of mine hasn’t done yet. Typically Italian-style, no rush ;)

There have been a lot of rumors about the exams at PoliTO, I can’t confirm them but ‘my sources’ tell me 90% of the people cheat on their exam and they easily get away with it! Such a thing is completely unthinkable in Belgium but scenarios such as “Please put away your slides, if I see them when I pass next time, you’ll get minus 4” aren’t uncommon. People texting, taking photos and collaborating, it’s pretty insane if you ask me.

I’m not generalizing of course but I’ve heard this from a lot of different people so it must be a thing. Italians are so focused on getting 28 or higher as companies expect nothing less than those grades. I’ve seen people retake their exam with a 25 out of 30 because they thought it was a “low” grade.

Retaking at PoliTO isn’t really hard, so failing the first time is not a big issue. You can send an email to your professor asking to delete the ‘bad’ grade and register for the second time which is usually about two weeks later. If you still haven’t passed then you’ll have to come back in another exam period (February, July or September).

That was it for me, Erasmus has been such a great experience you can only believe it if you have experienced it yourself. And so I close this Erasmus segment of my blog, feel free to ask me questions about Torino or PoliTO in case something is not clear for you, I’ll be happy to help you!