Logitech Customer Support

A couple of blogposts ago I talked about how I was going to try and get my MX Revolution mouse replaced because the left mouse button gave fake double clicks. I decided to contact Logitech myself as I’ve read on several forums that’s the way to go.

So first I gave Customer support a go, turns out I was contacting the USA support so they kindly transferred my case to the EU counterpart. After giving them some standard information (serial number, receit photo, …) they decided to send me a Logitech Performance Mouse MX free of charge! That’s just incredible if you ask me, after just little over a week I’ll have a brand new mouse.

Rule of thumb: When Logitech hardware breaks or malfunctions, contact Logitech directly, skip your reseller/retailer/store. You’ll be better off!

I should be getting my new mouse on Monday, will probably open up the MX Revolution and see what’s up with it as it doesn’t matter if I break it :). This kind of support is something every company should aim for, as Logitech has earned themselves another happy customer who will be glad to buy from them again in the future.