Songbird, sing it right please

I recently reinstalled my computer and with that came installing the newest version of all the software I use. One of them is Songbird as my main media player / iPod syncing program. They’re currently at 1.4.3 but I wish I had stuck with 1.4.2, why you ask? The addon support is horrible for the newest version. I know the problem isn’t with Songbird but with its plugin developers but come on, we had to wait weeks for a compatible iPod Device Support plugin. I manually had to install a newer version because when I ‘checked for updates’ with Songbird it never even noticed there was a new version.

Unfortunately the current version ( of this plugin still has several issues. Not even half of my tracks get synced onto my ipod nano 3rd gen. I get this error “Transcoder not available” for a whole bunch of songs. Funny, because it worked perfectly with Songbird 1.4.2 and the old iPod Device Support add-on. I really wonder why it is so hard to make a working add-on for this as I’m sure there’s a ton of people with iPods wanting to use Songbird and sync their playlists with it.

Songbird has come a long way but it’s starting to feel somewhat like Firefox (performance-wise). I recently switched to Chrome because it’s considerably faster. I really want to hang on to Songbird but they  really need to stimulate their developers to update their add-ons and feathers.

Oh and please… make an export/import library function!