Train your brain and teamwork skills

A friend of mine sent me a link to a very interesting site. It’s a game you play with four people called Officer Training. The purpose is to survive as long as possible by solving puzzles. Each time you solve one, your neighbour gets additional “life points”.

These games are good for your brain as they need you to focus, remember colors, shapes and numbers. Recognize three 6’s in a block of 9s and vice versa, …

The “click the number” game after each “stage” is usually the bottleneck since it might not be clear to everyone what you have to do there. If you don’t want to play with people you don’t know (it randomly links you up) you can alwyas make a private team.

I’ve just played another round but as I said people were losing a lot of time on the number clicking level. My record last night was 5 minutes and 20 seconds. Here’s the result of the game I just played:

Officer Training Results

Officer Training Results